Past Auction: October 2018

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Lot #3496

LARGE LOTS AND COLLECTIONS UNITED STATES - Covers and Postal History Flight Covers

1930s-42 collection of many hundreds in three cartons (banker's boxes), many with descriptions and in plastic pochettes, with Survey Flights, early FAMs, around-the-world covers, Pan-Am early Revenue covers, many to Amon Carter, various Clipper flights to China, Philippines, Guam, Honolulu, Midway, Wake, New Zealand, Souwa, Guadalcanal, Australia (A.J. Swails flights), Hong Kong, India, French Indochina, many crew or Captain (Musick, Nixon, Sulliwan, Noonan) signed, multi-country combination frankings, Crosby photo- cachets, U.S. Squadron flights, U.S.S. Kingfisher survey expedition covers, postmaster covers, Ross & Rowe covers, wrappers and some commercial mail, also Paquebots, Steamship lines, Foreign First Flights (Canada, Portugal, France, Netherlands), Turn-Around covers, some returned unclaimed (due to the outbreak of WWII), censored mail from Hawaii to mainland, additional group of Hawaii flights, memorabilia, foreign Clipper flights to USA, various Airlines flight schedules, labels, newspaper clippin

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